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Finally I Get Broadband Connection

November 11th, 2008

Hoorahh!!!  I am finally into the information super highway!

Yesterday, the gentleman from Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) called me and installed the broadband connection on my laptop. I have been longing for the high speed net connection since I started my online journey way back in November -2006. It has been exactly two years and only now that I could join the web community on equal footing.

All these days - it was a frustrating experience to put it gently. While all my online friends and webmaster colleagues were plying their trades with the latest high-speed internet connection, I was trying to do it with DialUp! Dial-up connections with 2-10 kps is not only slow and inadequate, but also very very expensive indeed as my telephone bill was running upto as high as $175 per month. But did I have a choice? No.

Then came the GPRS facility in the beginning of this year- whereby BSNL was offering net connection through mobile for a fixed monthly charge of Rs.199 (approx. $5). I was very excited as I thought I could now atleast save some money even  if the speed was just like dial-up connection. But alas! The GPRS signal was as rare as water on desert! Sometimes there was absolutely no signal for weeks. Few months back Airtel too introduced the GPRS facility. Although the cost ($7/m approx) was a bit higher than that of BSNL, still the GPRS signal remained almost 24 hours per day. The speed is always the same.

Now that I got what I dreamt for, I can certainly hope to serve my clients better and faster, not to mention my huge improvement in my business opportunities. I can now open any page 100 times faster than before, pay only $15 per month for unlimited access to the web and upload and download files as I wish contrary to my previous experience when it used to take 8 hours to download Yahoo Messenger!

Quality Blog Directories - My Favorite List

April 23rd, 2008

Hello folks.

Blogging here after quite some time. The purpose for setting up this blog has been to provide qualitative information and resource to visitors. After posting all quality web directories with sitelinks — here is a list of high quality blog directories that I use myself -

URL                                              PR                          Price                   Remarks                         6                            Free                              A                 7                        Free/$75/m                   A                 7                                                                   A               6                            Free/$8/m                  A                    5                               Reciprocal                 A               6                             Free/$29.99              A                 5                              $19.99/34.99            A                  3                                                                  A                     4                                                                  A            4                              Free                            A                6                                                                  A                    4                                Free                           A             4                                                                   A                6                            Reciprocal                   A                   4                            Reciprocal                     A                      6                                 Free                         A                  6                                    Free                        A           6                                Free                             A       6                               $13/35                          A                  4              Free/$7 Free blogs must have PR1+     5 5               Free          6                Free          5                   Free                             5                  N/A                                  5                   Free                               5                       Free                                6                       Reciprocal                        5                       Free                            5                         Free/$5                           3                          Free/$8/Y                        5                         $9.97/$29.97                                      5                           4                          5                           Free                4                          3                        Free/$19.97             5                         Reciprocal                            3                            Free/$10/$15            5                            Free                                           6

Please read - URL/PR/Type/

“A “ mark to the right of URLs denotes “Authority” , meaning those blog directories have Google sitelinks.

Hope you will find this list useful and support our projects. :D

Authority Web Directory List -2 (Directories With Sitelinks)

March 20th, 2008

Many months back I have done a list of all web directories having Google authority score or authority status here . While many do not think that websites that attain sitelinks are not authority sites, I certainly believe that those sites are authority sites and hold great value.


Simply because, sites that have sitelinks seems to dominate Google SERPs. Don’t believe me? Type any competitice keywords/phrase on google and check the top 20 results and how many of them have site links.

According to Standford University research paper, websites can achieve two types of scores - hub score & authority score. When they attain a certain level of links from renowned and trusted sites in their own niche categories, they become authority themselves. Of course they have to be online and serve the net for a certain amount of time. One can also refer to this page on authority score. :)

I have been doing lots of studies on this subject. The detractors always point out that -nobody from Google has ever acknowledged sites having sitelinks are authoritative. But this old thread on shows that GoogleGuy (ala Matt Cutts) was the one who used the term Authority Sites. Or one can also refer to this thread on the home of webmasters regarding the topic.

Has anybody ever heard Google coming out clean on any of its algorithm? It can’t simply do it - otherwise greedy/super talented webmasters, if they know the secret of the algorythms Google uses will always find ways to manipulate it.

In reality, its not easy to get those sitelinks - neither is it difficult. IMHO, a site must score a certain level of points to receive sitelinks. I have a site which is much older and has more inbound links than many sites who have sitelinks. The fact is - they have those important sitelinks - and my site does not have them. Another example about the difference is that - one of my site has been ranking within top10 for a term for last 6/7 months and one site in my own niche was no where near top 200. But recent sitelink updates has changed it all. My site has gone down out of top 10 and some sites about whom I never had any idea in relation to my phrase have come up from no-where. (If you are interested to know- post a comment here- and I’ll send you the info to your e-mail).

When I did my first list on authority directories, only few directories out of thousands could achieve the so called authority score. But recently, Google might have lowered the qualification BAR and hence many websites and directories are having sitelinks links. My concern is with web directories.

One very important thing I would like everybody to note is that - Page Rank of a site means nothing once it attains authority status. To me a PR0 5 years old site with sitelinks is more valuable than a PR6 site/link which is new and does not have sitelinks. :D

So here is a list of those directories which have attained the ultimate trust of Google by getting sitelinks.

(PS : My search/research is still going on –and its not easy to check thousands of directories within short time. There are lots of old free directories which I am reviewing/checking now. I’ll keep the list updating with lots more useful information like directory type, whether free.paid or rate of review fee. So please keep visiting the list at least once in a week to get the latest information).

I plan to arrange the list according to different criteria - like — PR/Free or Paid/Review Fee etc. And - I’ll keep my work continuing all the time. :)

New Additions:

Shopping Niche Directories:-

Directory related authority site

I am personally a dynamic person, and there is nothing more dynamic than then Web. I might not know lots of authority directories as of now– so please do let me know if you know a directory that is not already in my list.

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